Home Study Design & Installation in Preston, Lancashire

From a small and contained area in the corner of the room (or even behind a wardrobe door) to a fully fitted out office, we can design and build to your needs. Our door and drawer front styles come from the same wide range as those of our bedrooms, giving the opportunity to design the room in the style that suits you.

Drawers are available fully fitted with filing rails and separators, pen and utility trays and options for deep and shallow depths.

Cupboards have adjustable shelves to accommodate those awkward shaped files, and if your design has clear glass doors, we can install glass shelves inside the cupboard to match.

Computer Bases have cut outs at the back for cable access and ventilation. These are designed to be positioned below the computer screen, to keep cable runs short.

Worktops can be fitted with cable outlets to allow cables to arrive at the back of computer screens as discreetly as possible and a Pull Out Keyboard Drawer makes a working area so much more flexible.

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